Empowering Indie Game Developers: Unlocking Financial Support for Cross-Border Collaboration in Ireland

Empowering Indie Game Developers

Breaking the Barriers: New Fund Empowers Indie Game Developers in Ireland

The vibrant gaming industry in Ireland is about to receive a major boost with the launch of a groundbreaking pilot fund. Indie game developers from both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland will now have the opportunity to access financial support for creating game prototypes. This initiative aims to nurture the talents of grassroots developers and foster collaboration across the island.

Cross-Border Collaboration for Game Innovation

The pilot Cross-Border Games Prototype Fund is a joint effort between Ardán, IMIRT (the Irish Media Industry Representative Training Organisation), Northern Ireland Screen, and Screen Ireland. The fund recognizes the growing demand for indie game development and the need for strategic support at this crucial stage of the creative process.

Investing in Early-Stage Game Prototypes

Under the program, seven successful teams will receive funding of up to £15,000 / €15,000. The funds will be allocated based on program requirements, mentorship needs, and team capabilities. The scheme will connect with existing initiatives such as Northern Ireland Screen Pixel Mill in Belfast and Ardán / IMIRT events in Galway and Dublin.

Mentorship and Industry Guidance

Successful applicants will embark on a transformative journey that includes industry workshops, talks from gaming experts, and collaborative brainstorming sessions. During these introductory stages, the teams will generate ideas and develop prototypes. This will be followed by an intensive development phase culminating in the creation of playable concept prototypes.

Quotes from Industry Leaders

“The Irish games market is expanding rapidly, but key to the sector’s success is strategic support for grassroots indie game developers,” said Alan Duggan, Ardán CEO. “As champions of creative talent development in the West of Ireland, Ardán is delighted to join forces with our partners to support talent at an all-island level.”

Application and Deadline

Indie game developers based in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland are invited to apply for the IndieDev 2024 program. The deadline for applications is 12 noon on the 31st May 2024. For full details and to submit an application, please visit the Ardán website.

Enriching the Gaming Ecosystem

The Cross-Border Games Prototype Fund signifies a significant stride towards a more robust and inclusive Irish gaming ecosystem. By providing funding and industry guidance at an early stage, this initiative will empower indie developers, unleash creativity, and contribute to the growth of the gaming sector on both sides of the border.
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