Deathverse: Let It Die Remake Set to Revolutionize Roguelike and PvP Action Gaming



Deathverse: Let It Die Remake Announced, Blending Roguelike and PvP Action

Deathverse Revived

In 2023, Supertrick Games announced the discontinuation of its survival battle royale, Deathverse: Let It Die. However, a twist emerged as the developer revealed a full redesign of the game, now dubbed a “remake” of Deathverse: Let It Die.

A Strange but Intriguing Vision

The Developer Diary unveiled by Supertrick Games offers a glimpse into the ambitious remake. Director Hideyuki Shin emphasizes the intent to appeal to “both fans of Let It Die and Deathverse.” This suggests a departure from the previous battle royale format.

Roguelike meets PvP

Shin describes the new game as a hybrid, incorporating the gameplay loop of Let It Die with the PvP battles from Deathverse. The team aims to extract the “fun parts” from both games to create a unique experience. Players can anticipate a focus on action, roguelike elements, and extensive exploration.

Single-Player and Co-op Focus

Similar to Let It Die, the remake will prioritize single-player and co-op gameplay. However, Shin hints at “something new” regarding PvP action, though specific details remain under wraps. The balance between the two elements is expected to favor the roguelike aspects, with a ratio approximating “7 to 3” or “8 to 2.”

Unreal Engine 5 Port and Release Timeline

The development team is currently porting the game to Unreal Engine 5. Shin acknowledges that this significant change will require substantial effort. Combined with the extensive redesign, the release date is projected to be beyond 2024, possibly 2025.

A Glimpse into the Remake

The Developer Diary includes a brief screenshot featuring a character devouring a hamburger, providing a playful teaser of the game’s quirky style. Further details, including gameplay footage, will likely be unveiled in subsequent Developer Diaries.


The Deathverse: Let It Die remake promises a compelling blend of roguelike gameplay and PvP action. While the specific details are still shrouded in mystery, the developers’ vision for a unique and immersive experience has sparked anticipation among fans. As the team continues to refine the game and bring it to life on Unreal Engine 5, players can eagerly await the release of this intriguing remake.

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