XRP Chainlink and Ethereum Gain Momentum in Crypto Market: Fairlead Analysis Reveals Encouraging Signs

XRP, Chainlink, and Ethereum Gain Momentum in Crypto Market

XRP, LINK, and ETH Show Encouraging Signs in Crypto Market

According to a recent analysis, several alternative cryptocurrencies, known as altcoins, are showing signs of improvement and positive momentum compared to Bitcoin (BTC).

Fairlead’s Sector Rotation Analysis

Fairlead Strategies, a financial research firm, has developed a 12-week relative rotation graph that tracks the performance of top altcoins relative to Bitcoin. This graph helps investors identify potential opportunities for rotational plays, where they can move funds into sectors showing strength.

The latest analysis from Fairlead reveals that three altcoins—XRP, Chainlink’s (LINK) token, and Ethereum’s (ETH) ether—have moved into the “improving” quadrant of the graph. This quadrant indicates that these coins are gaining momentum, even though they still have relatively low strength compared to Bitcoin.

XRP, LINK, and ETH on the Rise

XRP, which had previously been in the “lagging” quadrant, has shown a positive shift into the improving quadrant. This suggests that XRP’s performance is gradually improving and may continue to outperform in the near future.

LINK and ETH, which were already in the improving quadrant, have maintained their positive momentum. This indicates that investors are still bullish on these coins and are expecting further gains.

Stagnant Doge

On the other hand, altcoins like Dogecoin (DOGE) continue to struggle and are likely to remain underperformers. DOGE is currently in the “weakening” quadrant, which indicates continued underperformance and a potential move into the lagging quadrant.

Momentum Traders’ Delight

Momentum traders closely monitor the relative rotation graph. When an altcoin crosses into the improving quadrant, it can be a signal that it’s gaining strength and may offer opportunities for potential profits.


The improving performance of XRP, LINK, and ETH is a sign of positive momentum within certain sectors of the crypto market. Investors who are looking for opportunities in the crypto space may want to consider these coins, while being cautious with underperforming coins like DOGE. As always, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions.

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