Which Meme Coin Has Jumped More than 20% Over the Week and is Now Priced at $0.1086?

Which Meme Coin Has Jumped More than 20% Over the Week and is Now Priced at $0.1086?

Meme Coin Surges Past $0.10 Threshold Amid Market Volatility

Despite a lackluster performance from Bitcoin, meme coins have emerged as the week’s top performers, with Hedera leading the pack.

Hedera Soars on BlackRock Partnership

At the forefront of this meme coin surge is Hedera, a distributed ledger technology akin to a blockchain. The recent news of a partnership with digital asset exchange Archax to offer BlackRock’s ICS U.S. Treasury money market fund (MMF) has propelled Hedera’s token value to new heights. Over the past week, the token has surged by an impressive 32%, currently priced at $0.1086.

Bitcoin Stumbles Amid ETF Outflows

In contrast to the meme coin rally, Bitcoin (BTC) has experienced sluggish price action over the past week, barely budging from its current value of $62,991. This stagnant performance coincides with a substantial cash outflow from newly approved Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). According to London-based investment firm Farside Investors, investors withdrew nearly $218 million from these products on a single day.

Economic Uncertainties Spook Investors

Analysts attribute the recent outflows from Bitcoin ETFs to Federal Reserve signals that interest rates will not be slashed anytime soon. A recent economic report indicated that the American economy grew slower than expected in the first quarter. This news has created uncertainty among investors, making them less willing to hold risky assets like Bitcoin.

Ethereum Holds Steady, Consensys Lawsuit Against SEC

Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency, has fared better than Bitcoin, gaining 2% over seven days. It currently trades at $3,120. Notably, Ethereum software giant Consensys has filed a lawsuit against the Securities and Exchange Commission for allegedly planning to designate Ethereum as a security.

Other Meme Coins Join the Rally

Hedera is not the only meme coin that has experienced significant growth. Floki, another popular meme coin, has also jumped over 20% in the past week.


The recent surge in meme coins highlights the growing popularity of alternative cryptocurrencies. While Bitcoin faces headwinds from economic uncertainties and regulatory pressures, meme coins like Hedera and Floki continue to attract investor interest. It remains to be seen whether this rally is sustainable or simply a temporary bubble, but it serves as a reminder of the evolving nature of the cryptocurrency market.

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