What are the innovative blockchain solutions offered by Valours ETP products and what strategic collaborations have they made?

What are the innovative blockchain solutions offered by Valour's ETP products and what strategic collaborations have they made?

Innovative Blockchain Solutions: Valour’s ETP Products

Valour, a subsidiary of DeFi Technologies, is a pioneer in providing easy access to digital assets through exchange-traded products (ETPs). These ETPs offer a convenient and transparent way for investors to participate in the growing digital asset market.


The Valour CORE ETP offers exposure to the Core blockchain’s native token, CORE. The Core blockchain combines the strengths of both Bitcoin and Ethereum, leveraging the security of Bitcoin’s Delegated Proof of Work (DPoW) and the scalability of Ethereum’s Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS). The CORE token is used to pay transaction fees, stake for rewards, and participate in the network’s governance.

Valour Hedera (HBAR) ETP

The Valour Hedera ETP provides investors with access to the Hedera Hashgraph blockchain’s native cryptocurrency, HBAR. Hedera is a highly efficient and secure blockchain platform that is designed for enterprise use. The HBAR token is used for transaction fees and to fuel the network’s distributed ledger technology.

Strategic Collaborations

Valour has forged strategic collaborations to enhance its ETP offerings:

  • Core Foundation: This partnership supports the launch of the Valour CORE ETP, providing access to the native token of the Core blockchain.
  • Hedera Hashgraph Association: Collaboration with this association has facilitated the development of the Valour Hedera ETP, allowing investors to participate in the Hedera ecosystem.

Impact on Investors

Valour’s ETP products offer several advantages to investors:

  • Simple and Secure Access: ETPs enable investors to invest in digital assets through traditional investment channels such as stock exchanges. This simplifies the process and reduces the complexities associated with investing directly in cryptocurrencies.
  • Diversification: The addition of digital assets to investment portfolios can provide diversification and potentially enhance returns.
  • Institutional-Grade Products: Valour’s ETPs are designed to meet the needs of institutional investors, providing a regulated and transparent investment vehicle.

Growing Market for ETPs

The market for ETPs is rapidly expanding, driven by growing demand for digital asset investment opportunities. Valour is well-positioned to capitalize on this market growth through its innovative ETP products and strategic collaborations.


Valour’s ETP offerings provide investors with convenient, secure, and transparent access to the digital asset market. The company’s partnerships with leading blockchain projects and its commitment to innovation position it as a key player in the rapidly evolving blockchain landscape. As the digital asset market continues to mature, Valour’s ETPs are expected to play a significant role in facilitating investment and unlocking the full potential of blockchain technology.

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