Swiss National Bank and Swiss Digital Exchange Lead the Way in Central Bank Digital Currency Innovation

By Divya Jun 21, 2024 #CBDCs #tokenized securities
Swiss National Bank and Swiss Digital Exchange Lead the Way in Central Bank Digital Currency Innovation

Embracing Central Bank Digital Currencies: The Future of Tokenized Securities Settlement

With the advent of tokenization, central banks worldwide are exploring the potential of wholesale central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) for streamlining the settlement of tokenized securities. The Swiss National Bank (SNB) and Swiss Digital Exchange (SDX) have embarked on a multi-year exploration of this innovative concept, and the results are promising.

Project Helvetia III: A Milestone in CBDC Experimentation

Phase III of Project Helvetia involved the successful issuance of seven digital bonds totaling over $843 million. This project showcased the viability of using a wholesale CBDC for settling securities on a blockchain.

Benefits of Wholesale CBDCs for Tokenized Securities

Wholesale CBDCs offer numerous advantages for settling tokenized securities:

  • Reduced Costs: CBDCs eliminate the need for intermediaries, reducing transaction costs significantly.
  • Increased Efficiency: Settlement can be completed in near real-time, eliminating delays and enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced Security: CBDCs are backed by central banks, providing inherent security and protection against counterparty risk.
  • Improved Liquidity: Tokenized securities settled through CBDCs enhance liquidity, as they can be easily traded and transferred.
  • Access to a Wider Market: Central banks provide access to a broader pool of investors, expanding the potential investor base for tokenized securities.

Expansion of Project Helvetia

The success of Phase III has spurred the SNB and SDX to extend the Helvetia project for an additional two years. This expanded phase will involve the participation of a wider range of financial institutions and encompasses a broader spectrum of transactions.

Switzerland’s Commitment to Digital Innovation

Switzerland’s ongoing commitment to exploring CBDCs underscores its belief in the transformative potential of digitalization in the financial sector. The country is at the forefront of innovation in this realm, with numerous initiatives aimed at fostering the growth of digital assets.

Global Interest in CBDCs

The Swiss efforts are part of a broader global trend towards CBDC experimentation. Central banks around the world are exploring the use of digital currencies for various purposes, including enhancing financial inclusion, improving payment systems, and facilitating cross-border transactions.


The use of wholesale CBDCs for settling tokenized securities holds immense promise for the financial industry. The Swiss National Bank and Swiss Digital Exchange have made significant strides in this area, providing valuable insights that will shape the future of digital asset settlement. As the world embraces digitalization, the adoption of CBDCs for tokenized securities is likely to become increasingly prevalent, revolutionizing the way these assets are traded and exchanged.

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