How to enhance bitcoin portfolio yield through options trading strategy?

How to enhance bitcoin portfolio yield through options trading strategy?

Enhance Your Bitcoin Portfolio Yield with Options Trading Strategies


In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency investing, Bitcoin (BTC) enthusiasts seek innovative ways to maximize their profits. One such strategy that’s gaining traction is options trading. Options offer investors the potential to enhance their portfolio yield while hedging against market volatility.

Understanding the Covered Strangle Strategy

The covered strangle strategy involves simultaneously holding the underlying asset (in this case, Bitcoin) and selling both an out-of-the-money (OTM) call option and an OTM put option. The OTM call option provides protection against price rallies, while the OTM put option insures against downtrends. The premiums received for selling these options represent the additional yield.

Benefits of the Covered Strangle Strategy

  • Enhanced Yield: The covered strangle strategy generates a premium from selling the call and put options, providing an additional income stream beyond the spot market holding.
  • Buffer Against Volatility: By selling OTM options, you create a buffer against downward market fluctuations, potentially mitigating losses during corrections.
  • Participation in Upside Potential: Despite selling the call option, you retain the upside potential of Bitcoin, as you still hold the cryptocurrency.

Implementation of the Strategy

According to research firm 10X, a promising covered strangle strategy involves:

  • Holding Bitcoin in the spot market
  • Selling a $100,000 strike call expiring in December 2024 (50% above current market price)
  • Selling a $50,000 strike put expiring in December 2024 (below current market price)

Suitability and Risks

The covered strangle strategy is suitable for investors who:

  • Believe in the long-term growth of Bitcoin
  • Expect a slow, upward trend in the market
  • Have a high risk tolerance

However, it’s important to note that options trading involves risks. Below the strike price of the put option ($50,000 in this case), both the spot position and the short put option incur losses. Therefore, this strategy is only suitable for investors comfortable with these risks.

Quotes and Expert Perspectives

“Our favorite strategy is to buy bitcoin Spot, Sell 100,000 strike call, and Sell 50,000 strike put for the December 2024 expiry,” said Markus Thielen, founder of 10X Research. “This strategy provides us with either a 17% downside buffer or 17% more yield.”

Arthur Hayes, former CEO of crypto exchange BitMEX, also believes in the slow grind higher for Bitcoin, making the covered strangle strategy a viable option for long-term investors.


The covered strangle strategy is a sophisticated options trading technique that offers the potential to enhance Bitcoin portfolio yield. By carefully selecting option strikes and managing risk, investors can capitalize on market trends while hedging against downside volatility. However, it’s essential to understand the risks involved and ensure the strategy aligns with your investment objectives and risk tolerance.

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