How does DCJPY digital currency facilitate tourist passes and smart contracts in Japan?

How does DCJPY digital currency facilitate tourist passes and smart contracts in Japan?

DCJPY: Revolutionizing Tourist Passes and Smart Contracts in Japan

Digital Currency for Seamless Travel

Panasonic has embarked on an intriguing project to utilize the DCJPY digital currency for tourist passes in Japan. This groundbreaking initiative, slated for launch in mid-2024, aims to enhance the travel experience for visitors while streamlining processes with smart contracts.

Unlimited Access and Discounts

The tourist passes will provide unlimited travel on trains and buses for a set fee. Tourists can also enjoy exclusive discounts at stores, restaurants, and attractions. The innovative aspect of this system lies in the use of smart contracts to distribute the proceeds of the tourist’s payment.

Smart Contracts Transform Travel

Smart contracts automate the allocation of funds between participating businesses. These contracts ensure that each transport company receives payment based on the tourist’s actual usage, eliminating the need for manual reconciliation and expediting payment processing.

Rewarding Referrals and Surplus Usage

The project also incorporates incentives for tourist referrals. If a tourist purchases a pass due to a recommendation, the referrer automatically receives a reward. Additionally, smart contracts will handle surplus usage by calculating the prorated payments for each transport company.

DCJPY’s Secure Foundation

The DCJPY digital currency is a collaboration between Japan’s leading banks and corporations. Despite significant involvement from financial institutions like MUFG and SMBC, GMO Aozora Net Bank is the first to showcase a concrete use case for DCJPY.

To ensure the security of the network, DCJPY has established a unique design. The Financial Zone houses the tokenized money, while separate Business Zones allow companies to implement smart contracts like the tourist pass, minimizing the potential impact of malicious contracts on banks.

Simplified Administration, Enhanced Efficiency

The integration of smart contracts into tourist passes and referral rewards significantly reduces administrative burdens for businesses. By automating the allocation of funds, the project streamlines the entire process, leading to faster payments and improved efficiency.


Panasonic’s exploration of DCJPY for tourist passes and smart contracts represents a transformative step towards a more seamless and rewarding travel experience in Japan. The use of blockchain technology and smart contracts automates processes, reduces costs, and enhances security, while also providing incentives for tourists and businesses alike. As DCJPY prepares for its launch, it remains a promising solution that has the potential to revolutionize the tourism industry in Japan and beyond.
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