Financial Advisors Navigate Cautiously Through Bitcoin ETF Realm

Bitcoin's Plunge

Financial Advisors Cautiously Embark on Bitcoin ETF Journey

After a long-awaited debut in January, bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are making headway in the world of financial advice. However, advisors are approaching these new products with caution, prioritizing risk assessment and due diligence for their clients.

Slow Acceptance and Skepticism

Currently, roughly 80% of bitcoin ETF purchases are believed to have come from self-directed investors using online brokerage accounts. While hedge funds, brokerages, and registered investment advisors (RIAs) have also shown interest, RIAs remain more cautious.

RIAs, who have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients, are wary of the asset class’s price volatility and its nascent track record. Concerns about regulatory compliance, scams, and fraud have also contributed to their skepticism.

Bridging the Gap

According to Samara Cohen, chief investment officer of ETF and index investments at BlackRock, bitcoin ETFs serve as a bridge between cryptocurrency and traditional finance for investors seeking exposure to BTC without navigating two separate ecosystems.

Regulatory Considerations

Cohen emphasizes the importance of robust data, risk analytics, and assessments of bitcoin’s role in different portfolios. This due diligence is in line with the responsibilities of advisors who prioritize risk management for their clients.

Gradual Adoption

Despite the caution, Cohen believes advisors are following the right path and fulfilling their role by conducting thorough evaluations before embracing bitcoin ETFs. She sees the adoption of these products as a slow journey, with investors testing the waters gradually.

Institutional Backing

Blue Macellari, head of digital assets strategy at T. Rowe Price, highlights the significance of institutional adoption, with some investors allocating 1% of their portfolios to bitcoin. However, she recognizes that portfolio allocations will likely be binary events, either above or below this threshold.


The adoption of bitcoin ETFs among financial advisors is a cautious but steady process. As more data and risk analysis become available, advisors will continue to assess the fit of these products in client portfolios, navigating the complexities of both the cryptocurrency and traditional finance landscapes.

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