50 Cent Targeted in Crypto Scam: How Hackers Made Millions Exploiting Rappers Online Following

50 Cent Targeted in Crypto Scam

**50 Cent Targeted in Crypto Scam: Hackers Made Millions Using Rapper’s Account**

**How the Hackers’ Scheme Unfolded**

In a shocking revelation, rapper 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III, took to Instagram to expose a hack that cost him dearly. The hacker breached 50 Cent’s X (formerly Twitter) account and website, exploiting his massive online following to promote a cryptocurrency scam.

The attackers shamelessly promoted “$GUNIT,” a memecoin, on these platforms, urging followers to invest. 50 Cent, regaining control of his accounts, swiftly denounced any affiliation with the cryptocurrency.

**Hacker’s Swift and Lucrative Operation**

Time was of the essence for the hackers, who managed to rake in an astonishing $3 million in just 30 minutes. Experts believe the scam involved a “rug pull,” where developers abandon their project and vanish with investors’ funds, leaving them with worthless digital assets.

**50 Cent’s Statement**

“My X and website were hacked,” 50 Cent posted on Instagram. “I have no ties to this crypto. X swiftly locked my account. Whoever did this made $3 million in 30 minutes.”

**Social Media Outcry and Warnings**

Fans and the cryptocurrency community reacted with outrage and concern. Several posts on 50 Cent’s Instagram page expressed shock and dismay at the apparent rug pull, with others noting that they had noticed something amiss with the hacker’s tweets.

**Financial Losses and Lessons Learned**

The $3 million loss serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerability of online accounts and the need for vigilance when it comes to cryptocurrency investments. Experts strongly advise against investing in projects without thorough research and caution.

**Previous Cryptocurrency Involvements**

Interestingly, 50 Cent has had a previous association with Bitcoin, having accepted payments for his “Animal Ambition” album in 2014. However, he later admitted to not profiting from those early bitcoin transactions.

**Ongoing Investigation and Caution**

Authorities are expected to investigate the hack, and 50 Cent’s personal website remains offline. The rapper’s experience highlights the importance of strong cybersecurity measures and due diligence in the realm of cryptocurrency.


The hack on 50 Cent’s accounts and the subsequent cryptocurrency scam serve as a cautionary tale about the dangers lurking online. Investors should always exercise caution, verify information, and proceed with caution when dealing with digital assets. The anonymity and unregulated nature of the cryptocurrency market make it particularly vulnerable to scams and malicious activity.

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