What are institutional investors saying about Americold Realty Trust’s stock performance and growth potential?

What are institutional investors saying about Americold Realty Trust's stock performance and growth potential?

**A Closer Look at 8 Analyst Recommendations For Americold Realty Trust**

**Wall Street Weighs In**

Americold Realty Trust (NYSE: COLD) has recently garnered attention from analysts, who have provided a range of recommendations on its stock performance and growth potential.

**Positive Outlook**

* Truist Financial upgraded Americold Realty Trust from a “hold” to a “buy” rating, highlighting its strong fundamentals and growth trajectory.
* Wells Fargo & Company initiated coverage with an “equal weight” rating and a price target of $24.00, citing the company’s dominant market position in the temperature-controlled logistics sector.

**Neutral Stance**

* Barclays lowered their price target from $32.00 to $25.00 but maintained an “equal weight” rating, suggesting the stock is fairly valued.
* KeyCorp also lowered their price target from $37.00 to $32.00 while maintaining an “overweight” rating, indicating a belief that the stock could outperform the market.

**Negative Outlook**

* Scotiabank initiated coverage with a “sector perform” rating and a price objective of $27.00, suggesting the stock is in line with the industry average.
* Four research analysts have issued “hold” ratings, indicating a cautious approach without a clear bias.

**Analyst Consensus**

Overall, analysts have a “Moderate Buy” rating on Americold Realty Trust, with an average price target of $30.33. This suggests a balanced view, with a slight tilt towards optimism.

**Institutional Investors Show Confidence**

Institutional investors have also shown interest in Americold Realty Trust, with several making notable purchases in the first quarter.

* Seven Grand Managers LLC acquired a new stake worth $1,595,000.
* Norden Group LLC acquired shares worth $220,000.
* State of Alaska Department of Revenue increased its stake by 5.6%, now owning shares worth $3,368,000.
* Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings Inc. boosted its stake by 134.1%, holding shares worth $27,551,000.
* Capital Insight Partners LLC increased its ownership by 42.0%, now holding shares worth $371,000.

Institutional investors and hedge funds collectively own 98.14% of Americold Realty Trust’s stock, indicating a high level of institutional support.


Analyst recommendations and institutional investments provide valuable insights into the market’s perception of Americold Realty Trust. While there is a range of opinions, the overall consensus suggests that the company has strong growth potential and is fairly valued. Institutional investors’ confidence further reinforces this positive outlook. Investors should consider these factors when making their own investment decisions.
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