Quantum’s Strategy to Expand its Presence in Asia-Pacific Markets and Optimize Growth Opportunities

Quantum's Strategy to Expand its Presence in Asia-Pacific Markets and Optimize Growth Opportunities

Quantum Expands Global Partnership Model in Asia-Pacific


In a strategic move to strengthen its presence in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) markets, Quantum Corporation (NASDAQ: QMCO) has expanded its global partnership model across South Korea, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

Partnering for Growth

Exclusive Distributor Agreements

Quantum has entered into exclusive distributor agreements with three established partners:

  • TS Line Systems for South Korea
  • ACA Pacific for Australia and New Zealand
  • NGC for Japan

These partners possess a deep understanding of Quantum’s solutions and a strong customer base.

Enhanced Support and Services

Increased Resources

The new agreements will lead to an increase in dedicated sales and marketing resources from each partner.

Ongoing Support

Quantum and its partners will continue to provide joint support and services to customers in the region.

Strategic Objectives

Expanding Market Reach

This expanded partnership model aims to extend Quantum’s reach and enable a broader customer base in APAC.

Optimizing Growth Opportunities

Quantum believes this model will optimize growth opportunities as AI and machine learning drive demand for unstructured data management.

Customer Focus

Rob Hilligoss, Head of APAC Sales and Marketing at Quantum, emphasizes the importance of delivering successful outcomes for customers through data leverage.

Industry Perspective

Unstructured Data Management

Quantum’s end-to-end data management solutions are tailored for the AI era, catering to the growing need for managing unstructured data in industries such as life sciences, government, media, and research.

Quantum’s Leadership

Leading organizations trust Quantum with their valuable data, recognizing its commitment to innovation, support, and cost-efficient solutions.

About Quantum

Quantum offers a comprehensive data platform for end-to-end data management, enabling customers to extract maximum value from their unique, unstructured data. With over four decades of experience, it serves various industries, including life sciences, government, media, and research.

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