What Statement Did Vicky Kaushal Make About Sharing Good News When Asked About Pregnancy Rumors with Katrina Kaif?

What Statement Did Vicky Kaushal Make About Sharing 'Good News' When Asked About Pregnancy Rumors with Katrina Kaif?

Vicky Kaushal Reacts to Katrina Kaif Pregnancy Rumors: ‘We Won’t Shy Away From Sharing the ‘Good News’ When the Time is Right’

Mumbai, India – Amidst swirling rumors about his wife Katrina Kaif’s alleged pregnancy, actor Vicky Kaushal has finally addressed the matter. At the trailer launch event of his upcoming comedy film, ‘Bad Newz’, Kaushal was asked about the highly anticipated news that fans have been eagerly waiting for.

With a sheepish smile, the actor replied, “For now, please enjoy Bad Newz, which we’re bringing to you. When the time is right, we won’t be shying away from announcing the ‘good news’.”

The actor’s response has sent the media and fans into a frenzy, as they decipher his carefully chosen words. The phrase ‘good news’ has been interpreted by many as a subtle confirmation of the pregnancy rumors that have been circulating online.

Kaushal maintained a diplomatic tone throughout his response, stating that he and Kaif will share their personal news when the time is right. The couple has consistently maintained a private stance on their relationship, and this latest response is in keeping with their approach.

The rumors about Kaif’s pregnancy began gaining traction after a video from the couple’s recent London trip went viral on social media. Fans noticed a slight protrusion in Kaif’s abdomen, which sparked speculation about a possible pregnancy.

However, Kaif’s team swiftly dismissed the rumors with a statement urging media outlets to cease unconfirmed reporting and speculation.

Kaushal and Kaif tied the knot in a grand wedding ceremony in Rajasthan in 2021. The couple has been the subject of constant media attention, with fans and journalists alike eagerly waiting for any update on their personal lives.

With the trailer launch event of ‘Bad Newz’ dominating the headlines, Kaushal’s response has added an extra layer of excitement and intrigue. The film, which also stars Triptii Dimri, Ammy Virk, and Neha Dhupia, is set to release on July 19.

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