Evolution of Bollywood Mothers: A Reflection of Changing Societal Values

Evolution of Bollywood Mothers

Mother’s Day 2024: Screen Mums: What They Want Tells Us About How India Has Changed


The Bollywood mother has come a long way from being a long-suffering supporting character to a flesh-and-blood woman with her own narratives that highlight her sense of self-respect and equality. Their journey is also a marker of how society’s views on motherhood have changed as well.

1970s to 1980s: Wants Social Justice and a Better Life for Children

Nirupa Roy, Waheeda Rehman, and Rakhee were the epitome of screen mothers who struggled against injustice and poverty to bring up their children, hoping for a better life for them. Their stories dovetailed with stories of social inequality prevalent in the films of that era.

1990s to Mid 2000s: Wants Happiness in Love for Their Kids

With the dawn of the 1990s, Hindi cinema saw a tectonic shift, with love and romance replacing stories of social injustice and angry young men who fought back. The mothers were now friendly voices of reason who wanted a happy life for their offspring.

Mid 2000s Onwards: Wants Understanding, Respect, Equality

This is the decade when the Bollywood screen mom transitioned from just a supportive mother figure to a flesh-and-blood individual with her unique narratives. So, what she wants is understanding, respect, and equality as she grapples with modern-day problems and careers.


The evolution of Bollywood mothers reflects the changing social landscape of India. From the self-sacrificing mothers of the 1970s to the more independent and assertive mothers of today, Bollywood cinema has captured the changing dynamics of motherhood and its impact on society.

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